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CLC has recently added new technology from Qualcomm that will enable us to provide more efficient customer service. Qualcomm tracking and messaging units have been installed in all CLC tractors, allowing CLC dispatchers to track the movement of equipment and drivers as they make their pick ups and deliveries. Qualcomm’s messaging feature gives CLC the ability to communicate pick up and delivery information to drivers, and also gives drivers the ability to confirm via message that delivery or pick up has been completed.

CLC can generate reports tracking exactly when drivers arrive and depart from each stop, as well as upload future delivery information for the driver. This ensures our drivers are spending more time serving our customers and less time waiting for instructions.

CLC aims to automate our billing processes as well, not only in terms of streamlining our internal processes, but also allowing us to electronically bill based on delivery information reported by drivers utilizing Qualcomm messaging. Future plans also include enabling EDI load information to be transmitted from the customer to CLC’s TMW Suite system, and then to the driver. Delivery confirmation will flow from the driver to CLC’s internal systems and out to our customers so that they know exactly when delivery was made.

Qualcomm tracking and messaging units have been installed in all CLC tractors.

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