About Us - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Does CLC own their own trucks?
  2. Q: Does CLC employ their own drivers?
  3. Q: Does CLC offer any guarantees of driver performance?
  4. Q: If we outsource our private fleet to CLC, will we loose the flexibility, reliability and control over our deliveries and customer service that We achieve with our own drivers?
  5. Q: Can CLC drivers perform warehouse activities such as pulling orders, loading, unloading and inventory?
  6. Q: Who is responsible if a CLC driver gets into an accident?
  7. Q: If I outsource to CLC will my workers insurance rates go down?
  8. Q: Can CLC increase or decrease the number of trucks and drivers to match fluctuations in business levels?
  9. Q: Will I be required to sign a long term contract to start dedicated service with CLC?
  10. Q: Can we put our company logo on CLC equipment?
  11. Q: Will CLC hire my current drivers?
  12. Q: Can CLC absorb or assume our existing truck and equipment leases?
  13. Q: What happens if I start dedicated service with CLC and it does not work out?
  14. Q: What type of freight or equipment tracking technology does CLC use?

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